I love tye- dying…….!

Friends and family know how much I enjoy wearing my own dye- dyed tops. In the past I purchased white tops. Now that I’m sewing more I like to dye the clothing before the article of clothing is sewn up.
All the fabric for this top came from the bargain bin of THE FABRIC STORE in Surry Hills. (I’m a bargain bin girl!) the stretch fabric was $10 & the cream silk was $10.
The top is a vogue pattern, picked up at spotlight opening sale for $5. This top looks better on, it has a lovely fall.With the fabric I’ve chosen it feels a bit medieval in look. I plan to wear it with a straight body hugging skirt. I found a designer dress for $ 4 in the Opportunity shop. It looked terribly on, but was easy to make in to great little skirt.



TYE-DYING – a process of changing the colour of fabric by immersing it in hot water with coloured dye in the water.patterns can be created by the way the fabric is folded and typed up with string.


I did tye-dying with my nephews and nieces yesterday. We went to the local charity shops and picked up white pillow slips and white t.shirts etc. I did a small table cloth. We also had some old calico bags lying around. We were all happy with our results. A lovely fun holiday activity.
I usually do my dying on the stove with a saucepan and boiling water. With the children I used buckets with tap hot water. But the dye was first dissolved in boiling hot water then mixed to the cooler water. The fabric then must be left for longer to soak. I also tried some dye concentrated and in a old squeeze sauce bottle. This was a safe way for kids to dye and a very effective way to get a concentrated colour effect on the garment. I will experiment with this method more.