Dinner Party table setting

The daily photos I’ve been taking of my miniature kewpie dolls , set the theme for my dinner party……Christmas, vintage & “a-little off centre” all thrown together. I thought it worked. It definitely got a few laughs. Laughing with friends is what dinner parties are all about, aren’t they?!



Today’s photo….

To see all the photos taken in last 10 days look up page ” Out & about with Kewpie Dolls”
View of the whole table setting

Amazing what you find over the years in charity shops. The table Setting is made up of a mix of opp shop finds & family heirlooms. The serviettes were 50c & the large table cloth $2 finds. Class & beauty don’t have to cost a lot.

From a Friend…..

A girl friend gave me these 5 miniature kewpie (Cupid) dolls yesterday. I think it’s going to start a weird photo instillation……. Each day for a month they will be photographed in different places & spaces.
KEWPIE DOLLS are a brand of doll. They first started life as a comic strip character by artist & writer Rose O’Neil in 1909.( Wikipedia free dictionary).