“FRIDAY RULES” UPDATES………. The day I wear something Retro, Reninvented or/ Recycled.

For over 12 yrs I’ve made my own pj’s and  A- line skirts. When it came to the point that I  wasn’t fitting the set sizes and struggling to find well fitting clothes I decided to give making more of my clothes ago. That was 3 yrs ago. I love sourcing and using vintage fabrics. In 15 yrs I’ve only had 2-3 pieces of fabric that fell apart when washed as they were so old. I also mainly use patterns sourced in charity shops. 

Leading up to our local ” WASTE TO ART” competition that encourages recycling, reinventing and repurposing I’ve decided to only wear something retro, recycled or reinvented.

So below are update photos of last five Friday’s .….

Week one…..very small piece of fabric found in charity shopIMG_2921

Week two  This was along evening dress…. 70’s era?


Week threeIMG_3011

Week four 

Week five