Few sunny hours on weekend…… Time to do some gardening.

Its been a long cold wet winter.So when the sun comes out and the wind is non existent the pull to be out in the garden is very strong.

Started some pre-spring cleaning in the garden.


I didn’t have enough pebbles to out around each plant. So I crushed a old brick that was hanging aroumd the garden. I just used a hammer. I really like the look. It really suits my hand made pots.

When I was walking past a discount shop the other day they had these very small wooden frames with chicken wire and a shelf. I thought I like that but it’s in-practical. It was so small it would only hold a couple tools.

So I made my own. I used an old wooden frame, wire and staple gun. I had this old basket so included this in the design. I didn’t have chicken wire so I used wire that is for guttering. I think this worked better as it made the design firmer.


VERANDAH – “Open Portico along side a house” (Oxford Dictionary)



I love my front veranda. We have considered enclosing it, but options, money & over capitalising for our area have stopped us. So I’ve done the next best thing – still made it into an out door room but using old furniture, retro fabrics & found pieces. Each spring & autumn I refresh the look, throw out old faded cushion covers etc, wash everything down & spray under the furniture with surface spray (for spiders!) About once month I vacuum the area & mop it down. I found the plastic carpet/rug for $5 in pop shop. I need to throw this one out as its a few years old & starting to rot.

In summer we have a camping stove on the table & cook our steaks out there while we sip wine- wonderfully relaxing.