Not blogging lately about reinventing, recycling etc….. Been busy preparing for Art Exhibtion in October …..and hibernating in these cold winter months !

 Doing 2 Exhibtion 12 months apart has being tiring, especially emotinally! You put yourself out there and it’s quite draining. Next yr have a break! Have a few art projects that need time to evolve.

Did make this last week . Turned the front bedroom into my meditation and yoga room! This blanket is good in here. Love the vibes in this room, great for relaxation. 

I do love collecting blue and white China. Amazing what you can find in charity shops. Have to pay bit more these days! No longer 50 c a peice!


ART INSTALLATIONS……………Permanent or Temporary………

They are a 3 dimensional work of art that is very often specific to a particular site. They are designed to change or transform ones perception of the space.
My butterflies were made for a particular exhibition. Now they are home,were do I hang them?! Ive chosen to hang them outside, subject to the weather & enjoy them for as long as they last. As butterflies in their natural habit are outside subject to the elements.



Week in review…………….

Things I’ve worked on this past week……….







Below is a photo of pieces of pottery along side old wire, metal etc.
I’m wanting to make some sculptured pieces incorporating beads, pottery and old bits of metal etc. I will look at this stuff, move things around until I “find” some things that are working well together. Then I will begin making the some sculptures!


Time seems to take wings and fly…………….

I been busy this month, with family and work. I’ve also been trying to settle down and prepare for an up and coming art exhibition! This next six weeks I’ve got to focus on my art work and leave other stuff aside!



These pieces of pottery have now been fired. I’ve just collected some old rusted wire and metal from my Dads which I plan to incorporate into the pottery pieces to make some unique sculptures.


I was at a girl friends place recently and her daughter was making some lanterns from coloured paper to hang . I was inspired so I went home and made some from old used envelopes. Funny I actually showed this young girl how to make lanterns when she was 4-5, and now she's inspiring me!
The circle of life!


Last week it was so cold that I got in and made a new curtain and very large draft stopper for the front door. I used an old queen size quilt cover for the project.

The lanterns made by my friends daughter.