Dish Cloth…… A peice of cloth used to wipe down surfaces & clean dishes…..

I’ve been experimenting with making my own dish cloths. I’ve made some out of a open weave linen & some out of a open weave cotton. I found both fabric in Opp shop.  I’m happy with them but if had a choice white wouldn’t be my first colour I’d go for! 


I’m also experimenting with making my own laundry liquid. Had ago  few hrs back but it was powder form, which I didn’t like as it didn’t dissolve well . Happy with  the liquid, just have to soak stains like coffee, tea, blood etc in bit borax first or use sards wonder soap on them. 


Apron……. a peice of clothing worn over ones garments to protect them from dirt, damage etc……i.e ….. Cooking apron, artist apron.

Been busy designing & making aprons this week.  

I managed to get 2 aprons out of one vintage table cloth. I’ve also used up pieces of linen, dollies and lace to create others 


 . They will be gifts for friends .

Participation…the action of taking part in something………..To consume… to expend by use.(Google) 

I Heard the expression ” I want to be a participant in life not a consumer ” when watching an art documentary this week . This got me thinking about all aspects of our lives.

Do we participate in life or do we go around consuming everything we need.

Think about this in how we approach our food. Do we grow any of it, make food from scratch ie jam, relishes, pizza etc?  or just purchase instant pre-Made fast foods with out a lot thought.

What about clothing do we sew some of our clothes, recycle some into something else? Or choose to buy some that have been individually made at a market by an artisan.

What is  your approach  to life-  consume and buy ,buy ,buy or take time to think about what you do , what can you  make or recycle or reinvent or reuse before just going out and consuming !

Participate in life …..enjoy the process ……stop and think before running out to consume ! 


Always something to do……… No time to be bored!

I’ve being taking it easy over the last few weeks after Christmas. It’s hot at this time of year so it’s nice to slow down.

Was given an old cane out door lounge suite today . It needs some repairs, a wash and paint. Then new covers need to be made. Looking forward to the finished project. It will look so much better.

I’ve been eyeing off some curtains in the Opp shop, but until now had no project for them. Hope they are still there tomorrow as their ideal for covering the lounge cushions. 


   The curtain fabric from Opp shop to recover cushions with.

Busy month sewing summer clothes……

i have been busy sewing pj pants for family for Christmas and summer clothes for myself. I’ve taken no photos. I used a lot of fabric up. Some was new and some vintage. The fabric stash ( yes I hate to admit I have a stash!) has gone down but I just purchased few new pieces of fabric. Plan to make few men’s shirts after Christmas and didn’t have anything suitable for these in my stash.

I also had hosted a couple of Christmas parties for friends. 

I found a,menu board in a charity shop that I re-painted and turned into a drinks tray. I was very pleased with how it worked. It protected the side board from water and alcohol stains! 


Work in progress…… Doing up back patio for summer relaxation….!

I was given an old iron bed. It’s had one coat of paint and could do with a second coat. I’ve recover an old mattress and made linen fitted sheets for it. The linen was sourced from a charity shop, as was all the linen for the bed. With imagination & some hard work …magic! It’ll be a fight to who lounges on it in the long hot summer!

I’m also in the process of painting the old iron table on the back patio and making new table cloth for it. 

Looking forward,to,spending happy times out side with family.