ART INSTALLATIONS……………Permanent or Temporary………

They are a 3 dimensional work of art that is very often specific to a particular site. They are designed to change or transform ones perception of the space.
My butterflies were made for a particular exhibition. Now they are home,were do I hang them?! Ive chosen to hang them outside, subject to the weather & enjoy them for as long as they last. As butterflies in their natural habit are outside subject to the elements.




41/2 weeks till CHRISTMAS DAY!!…………. Christmas season has arrived in our home……

I didn’t really feel like pulling out the Christmas decorations but since I’ve started I feel energised. It’s fun, it’s once a year and I’m now looking forward to planning a few simple Christmas “parties” at home with friends.
I haven’t made anything new this year in the way of decorations. I’m just recycling stuff from last year into different looks. I’m not sure if I’ll go all out and put the tree up! If I do I’ll keep the decorations very minimal.

Made the skull banner last year. I have made a spelling mistake but who cares!








A shapely branch placed in a vase & decorated with decorations is my favourite kind of christmas Tree!

Under things……..!



This is all practice toward making my daughter a swimming top, with underwire & all! We picked up some lovely designer swim wear fabric. There is a shop in the city that specialises in N.Z merino wool. As a bonus they stock end rolls from top designers. The designers latest swimwear one piece was advertised in last weekends paper for$298! The fabric was much much cheaper than that to purchase. Just have to make the thing!

I love tye- dying…….!

Friends and family know how much I enjoy wearing my own dye- dyed tops. In the past I purchased white tops. Now that I’m sewing more I like to dye the clothing before the article of clothing is sewn up.
All the fabric for this top came from the bargain bin of THE FABRIC STORE in Surry Hills. (I’m a bargain bin girl!) the stretch fabric was $10 & the cream silk was $10.
The top is a vogue pattern, picked up at spotlight opening sale for $5. This top looks better on, it has a lovely fall.With the fabric I’ve chosen it feels a bit medieval in look. I plan to wear it with a straight body hugging skirt. I found a designer dress for $ 4 in the Opportunity shop. It looked terribly on, but was easy to make in to great little skirt.


Time seems to take wings and fly…………….

I been busy this month, with family and work. I’ve also been trying to settle down and prepare for an up and coming art exhibition! This next six weeks I’ve got to focus on my art work and leave other stuff aside!



These pieces of pottery have now been fired. I’ve just collected some old rusted wire and metal from my Dads which I plan to incorporate into the pottery pieces to make some unique sculptures.


I was at a girl friends place recently and her daughter was making some lanterns from coloured paper to hang . I was inspired so I went home and made some from old used envelopes. Funny I actually showed this young girl how to make lanterns when she was 4-5, and now she's inspiring me!
The circle of life!


Last week it was so cold that I got in and made a new curtain and very large draft stopper for the front door. I used an old queen size quilt cover for the project.

The lanterns made by my friends daughter.


Winters come quickly in the last few days. I like to put away the summer throws and bring out the winter ones, change the cushions and generally make the lounge more warm and cosy.
A few years ago I collected old damaged fur coats. I cut them up & patched worked them into a throw for the back of the couch. I love it and it’s one of my favourite pieces to pull out for winter. Until this morning I had forgotten why I “vowed” to never do another one!
Cutting and sewing fur is not for the faint hearted. I do it outside in my studio. Fur goes every where, and I mean every where! This time I had the vacuum beside me and vacuumed as I cut.
Leather weakens as it is sewen, so you have to be careful not too pull too hard when your un-picking the jacket, & sew with the biggest stitch on the machine. Also it’s not easy to get the fur through a normal home sewing machine!