“FRIDAY RULES” UPDATES………. The day I wear something Retro, Reninvented or/ Recycled.

For over 12 yrs I’ve made my own pj’s and  A- line skirts. When it came to the point that I  wasn’t fitting the set sizes and struggling to find well fitting clothes I decided to give making more of my clothes ago. That was 3 yrs ago. I love sourcing and using vintage fabrics. In 15 yrs I’ve only had 2-3 pieces of fabric that fell apart when washed as they were so old. I also mainly use patterns sourced in charity shops. 

Leading up to our local ” WASTE TO ART” competition that encourages recycling, reinventing and repurposing I’ve decided to only wear something retro, recycled or reinvented.

So below are update photos of last five Friday’s .….

Week one…..very small piece of fabric found in charity shopIMG_2921

Week two  This was along evening dress…. 70’s era?


Week threeIMG_3011

Week four 

Week five 



RETRO – looking backwards, recent past fashions …….

REINVENT…to make changes or improvements

RECYCLE……to reuse

On FRIDAYS I do a few  voluntary hours in one of the local opp shops. I wanted to give some time back  as I’ve got so much from opp shops over the years. 

So for next 6 weeks I’m going to have a FRIDAY RULES! DAY


It also is a good lead up to our local WASTE TO ART competition. 

So be beginning  tomorrow I will wear my new skirt …….made from late 60’s early 70’s polyester fabric …. Found it Monday …made it yesterday! 

I also wear an apron. Tomorrow I will wear one of these aprons. I made them last week from a mans shirt. Was going to make a top  

 or dress but aprons came out instead!

I used the collars, cuffs etc. I had very little fabric left over. I’m very happy with these creations

Mixed emotions…… The sad but exciting day has finally come…… No need for 3 bedroomS……!

I can finally turn our traditional federation home back into a 2 bedroom home. For those who not familiar  traditional homes of the 40’s were built with a hall down  the middle with 4 rooms & a bathroom off this. Then the kitchen and patio, (at some point closed in) at the back of the house.

This style old fashioned as it is gives the house great flexibility, allowing the rooms to be used for different purpose as the family needs change. In 15 yrs the large front room has be a lounge, study, bedroom- bedroom for us, teenagers who want to spread & a guest room. Finally it’s going back to  the lounge room.

It’s exciting to see the home change to your needs but sad at same time. The front room had not being painted in 10yrs! It was white when we moved in, became wedge blue then Aqua. It needs a paint. We are painting it cream as this is the paint we have for kitchen and back room. I’m going to miss the colour on the walls.  My only consolation is my art will look really good against the plainer walls. I’m hoping to convince  people in house that deep turquoise or plum above the fire place will look great!


Sewing, sewing sewing…

Over the last few yrs I have been increasingly trying to make all my own clothes and rely less on ready to wear pieces.
I do a lot with vintage fabrics picked up in charity stores,along with items of clothing I pull apart as I love the quality and style of the fabric.
I want a more coordinated wardrobe, and one with the best quality fabrics I can afford .This means I’m buying more new pieces of fabric. I’m still a bargain hunter and tend to go straight to the remnants bin first in good quality fabric stores.
I recently made some lace black crop tops by recycling an old dress. I found that the lace has not worn well. Since I designed these patterns my self I see them as a practice. I have since purchased new hundred percent cotton lace to make the bra tops.
I’ve made some love pieces over the last few weeks but not posted them as their not recycled or vintage fabric. I will post some of these outfits over the next week.





2015/02/img_0862.jpgI’ve been eyeing off this dress for a few weeks. It went down to $2.50 last week so couldn’t resist it! There is a lot of fabric in the skirt so I’ll be able to get a dress or skirt and top out of it with some carful planning !
It is a very revealing 70’s halter neck maxi dress, which is back in fashion for next summer….. Look at this photo below for summer 2015