I like hand bags, I love to make them, collect them and research the history of them!

This last week I’ve had the creative urge to make some bags for myself. I especailly like the challenge of using scrapes of fabric and recycling pieces of other bags into my new ones, ( leather handles etc). 


Sewing, sewing sewing…

Over the last few yrs I have been increasingly trying to make all my own clothes and rely less on ready to wear pieces.
I do a lot with vintage fabrics picked up in charity stores,along with items of clothing I pull apart as I love the quality and style of the fabric.
I want a more coordinated wardrobe, and one with the best quality fabrics I can afford .This means I’m buying more new pieces of fabric. I’m still a bargain hunter and tend to go straight to the remnants bin first in good quality fabric stores.
I recently made some lace black crop tops by recycling an old dress. I found that the lace has not worn well. Since I designed these patterns my self I see them as a practice. I have since purchased new hundred percent cotton lace to make the bra tops.
I’ve made some love pieces over the last few weeks but not posted them as their not recycled or vintage fabric. I will post some of these outfits over the next week.





2015/02/img_0862.jpgI’ve been eyeing off this dress for a few weeks. It went down to $2.50 last week so couldn’t resist it! There is a lot of fabric in the skirt so I’ll be able to get a dress or skirt and top out of it with some carful planning !
It is a very revealing 70’s halter neck maxi dress, which is back in fashion for next summer….. Look at this photo below for summer 2015


For the love of Damask……

Damask is a reversible fabric often with a raised or shiny side and a flat, less shiny side. The yarn used is often silk, cotton, linen or wool. The pattern is formed by the weaving. The most common things made from damask are table cloths, bed linen and fabric for clothing.
I love damask bed Linen which is out of my budget. Although I may just save up and purchase some sheets one day!.
So what’s my alternative.? Recycle the collection of white damask table cloths I have. When I get more than can fit into my table cloth draw they become pillow slips for our bed…. They are beautiful to sleep on!







Of course I’ve been spoilt over the years picking up these table cloths for a few dollars each. A small to medium table cloth will get to pillow slips.