Creating Dreamy pj for summer from mistakes…..

I picked up,this silk blouse for$3 in charity shop. I fell n love with the feel of the fabric. Wearing the blouse as it was just made me feel middle age and frumpy , which I am ! I couldn’t bear to put such lovely silk back into charity shop. So I cut off the sleeves and collar to give it a cool summer feel. 

I’ve noticed that wearing pj tops instead t.shirt is fashionable at the moment. I had made a pair linen pants that were bit too small. So I cut them into shorts. This gave me extra fabric to add to the sides that widened the shorts and added a nice feature. 

This is now my new pj set for summer


WHAT IS A FASINATOR…….. A WOMENS FANCY HAIR PEICE made from beads, feathers, flowers or a combination of them. It is usually attached to a hair clip, hair comb or hair band.

Just made a little hair peice. I found the enamel flowers as a necklace last was reasonable priced I a charity shop. I saw it and “immediately” imagined a hair peice. I found a few other beads and stuff in my stash! 


Found this night/pj  jacket. It’s designed to,wear with a long silky night gown. Very vintage….. Feels 30’s but probably made in 50’s. It has some damage on back. This is beautiful but impractical in modern world. It’s a peice I would  cut-up & recycle into part of a bed quilt.I think twice about cutting these pieces up now days. I enjoy the beauty of the peice for a while then usually practicality wins out & the peice gets recycled. I “hate” collecting things that can’t be used as such.I  



RETRO – looking backwards, recent past fashions …….

REINVENT…to make changes or improvements

RECYCLE……to reuse

On FRIDAYS I do a few  voluntary hours in one of the local opp shops. I wanted to give some time back  as I’ve got so much from opp shops over the years. 

So for next 6 weeks I’m going to have a FRIDAY RULES! DAY


It also is a good lead up to our local WASTE TO ART competition. 

So be beginning  tomorrow I will wear my new skirt …….made from late 60’s early 70’s polyester fabric …. Found it Monday …made it yesterday! 

I also wear an apron. Tomorrow I will wear one of these aprons. I made them last week from a mans shirt. Was going to make a top  

 or dress but aprons came out instead!

I used the collars, cuffs etc. I had very little fabric left over. I’m very happy with these creations

Teddy Bear……… A soft toy in the shape of a bear……. Been around since 1902-1903……..

Over the years shopping in charity shops I’ve only come across two to three bears that stand out to me. I have always resisted them. This one I found yesterday. I was unable to resist him. He is quite old and his head swiviles 360 degrees! I’ve named him Mr Bear. I plan to wash him and make a bow tie for him. If I ever have a grandson it’s his! Why buy new when old and pre loved can be so beautiful!