Thrifting – shopping around in different charity shops for a bargain

Got a nice vintage ceramic bunny today.


Looking forward to designing a sculpture with these bones


Finding Balance within a Creative Mind

Sometimes I think my mind will explode with all the ideas that are running around in there. Thank goodness there is such things as visual diaries. Visual diaries/ journals are a great way to record your ideas until you are ready to create them.
Below are photos of things I’ve been working on in the last month.


Collages down with pieces of paper cut out from newspaper I collected in Canada.


Collages made from old Frankie magazines. These collages are for an up & coming ” Waste to Art” competition.

Gift tag for a little girls Birthday, made from wrapping paper.

Charity Shop Inspiration

Swan, pony,reindeer and elephant merry-go-round-how cool!

I found these glasses in my local charity shop – 40 cents each! They have given me inspiration for a piece of paper “sculpture”. When I’ve done the work i will post the photo. Inspiration for art pieces can come from unusual places – i.e.-Who would of guessed, from the design on a set of 1950’s glasses.!