Spring is in the air……..

Hint of summer on Sunday!…… Bit of gardening done….. 



70’s come back…… The wrap skirt!

Last weekend I picked up 2 original 70’s Hippy style wrap skirts. They were so long that they were scraping the ground…..designed to wear with 70’s wedge heeled sandles. 

So I updated them by shortening them to knee lengh. The spare pieces I will use in the home for soft furnishings 

 Plan to make another one of these with the bottom of the 70’s skirt. You can see I love elephants. There are 5 doors coming off the hall and all but one door has these covers. I’ve been waiting till,I found some more elephant fabric!  


Few sunny hours on weekend…… Time to do some gardening.

Its been a long cold wet winter.So when the sun comes out and the wind is non existent the pull to be out in the garden is very strong.

Started some pre-spring cleaning in the garden.


I didn’t have enough pebbles to out around each plant. So I crushed a old brick that was hanging aroumd the garden. I just used a hammer. I really like the look. It really suits my hand made pots.

When I was walking past a discount shop the other day they had these very small wooden frames with chicken wire and a shelf. I thought I like that but it’s in-practical. It was so small it would only hold a couple tools.

So I made my own. I used an old wooden frame, wire and staple gun. I had this old basket so included this in the design. I didn’t have chicken wire so I used wire that is for guttering. I think this worked better as it made the design firmer.