8 weeks till Christmas………… Not too far off!

I had some Christmas fabric in my collection. I’ve decided to use it to make Christmas bags instead,of using wrapping paper. The ” wrapping ” then can be used as a bag after Christmas. 


Collection of vintage and hand made cards for Christmas. You can often find an odd assortment of chritmas cards in charity shops at this time of year.Often for as little as 20c each!

Lavenders going mad in garden, so busy making calico bags to put the cut lavender heads into. I put these bags throughout my linen cupboards and drawers. I usually dry the heads first but the smell is  


 so strong while fresh I’m experimenting with not drying out the heads before bagging up.

These also make great  chritmas gifts.


41/2 weeks till CHRISTMAS DAY!!…………. Christmas season has arrived in our home……

I didn’t really feel like pulling out the Christmas decorations but since I’ve started I feel energised. It’s fun, it’s once a year and I’m now looking forward to planning a few simple Christmas “parties” at home with friends.
I haven’t made anything new this year in the way of decorations. I’m just recycling stuff from last year into different looks. I’m not sure if I’ll go all out and put the tree up! If I do I’ll keep the decorations very minimal.

Made the skull banner last year. I have made a spelling mistake but who cares!








A shapely branch placed in a vase & decorated with decorations is my favourite kind of christmas Tree!

Under things……..!



This is all practice toward making my daughter a swimming top, with underwire & all! We picked up some lovely designer swim wear fabric. There is a shop in the city that specialises in N.Z merino wool. As a bonus they stock end rolls from top designers. The designers latest swimwear one piece was advertised in last weekends paper for$298! The fabric was much much cheaper than that to purchase. Just have to make the thing!

Paper products…….

This week I have been painting some Christmas gift tags. Some I’ve bundle up as a set of 6 to use for gift for friends.

Also made a fourth batch of paper. I added cornflower to the pulp. This is meant to make the paper more absorbent, so it copes with ink. I also added some fabric dye to the pulp to see if this would colour the paper.


Gift tags made using my handmade paper and ” stamps”


Dinner Party table setting

The daily photos I’ve been taking of my miniature kewpie dolls , set the theme for my dinner party……Christmas, vintage & “a-little off centre” all thrown together. I thought it worked. It definitely got a few laughs. Laughing with friends is what dinner parties are all about, aren’t they?!



Today’s photo….

To see all the photos taken in last 10 days look up page ” Out & about with Kewpie Dolls”
View of the whole table setting

Amazing what you find over the years in charity shops. The table Setting is made up of a mix of opp shop finds & family heirlooms. The serviettes were 50c & the large table cloth $2 finds. Class & beauty don’t have to cost a lot.

Preparing for Christmas……51/2 weeks to go!

I’m just starting to think about Christmas. I’m having a dinner party next week for 12 people & decided to go for a Christmas theme. Thus got out the decorations.


I love the combination of Christmas decorations set amongst vintage silverware. It saves time hanging the ornaments on the tree.

On the mantle piece……. Hand made Christmas tree from recycling an old book. Last year I made a set of 3 in varying sizes.

I’ve been collecting these retro apple Christmas decorations for a few yrs. I love making a “Christmas” tree from branches. The pink branches I painted & beaded my self last Christmas. For over ten years I’ve done a non traditional tree, using branches, 50’s white vases & even
bird cages.For many of those years I never owned a traditional tree. Some family members were worried friends would think us too poor to afford a “normal”tree. Now the the non traditional is popular I went out & purchased a huge traditional tree.( on special for $35 after Christmas sales last year. I like it but wonder what I was thinking!)
It’s here to stay now! I’ll just become creative over the next few Christmas decorating it in a non traditional way!