WHAT IS A FASINATOR…….. A WOMENS FANCY HAIR PEICE made from beads, feathers, flowers or a combination of them. It is usually attached to a hair clip, hair comb or hair band.

Just made a little hair peice. I found the enamel flowers as a necklace last Friday.it was reasonable priced I a charity shop. I saw it and “immediately” imagined a hair peice. I found a few other beads and stuff in my stash! 


Found this night/pj  jacket. It’s designed to,wear with a long silky night gown. Very vintage….. Feels 30’s but probably made in 50’s. It has some damage on back. This is beautiful but impractical in modern world. It’s a peice I would  cut-up & recycle into part of a bed quilt.I think twice about cutting these pieces up now days. I enjoy the beauty of the peice for a while then usually practicality wins out & the peice gets recycled. I “hate” collecting things that can’t be used as such.I  




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