Mixed emotions…… The sad but exciting day has finally come…… No need for 3 bedroomS……!

I can finally turn our traditional federation home back into a 2 bedroom home. For those who not familiar  traditional homes of the 40’s were built with a hall down  the middle with 4 rooms & a bathroom off this. Then the kitchen and patio, (at some point closed in) at the back of the house.

This style old fashioned as it is gives the house great flexibility, allowing the rooms to be used for different purpose as the family needs change. In 15 yrs the large front room has be a lounge, study, bedroom- bedroom for us, teenagers who want to spread & a guest room. Finally it’s going back to  the lounge room.

It’s exciting to see the home change to your needs but sad at same time. The front room had not being painted in 10yrs! It was white when we moved in, became wedge blue then Aqua. It needs a paint. We are painting it cream as this is the paint we have for kitchen and back room. I’m going to miss the colour on the walls.  My only consolation is my art will look really good against the plainer walls. I’m hoping to convince  people in house that deep turquoise or plum above the fire place will look great!



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