” Clutter …”versus minimalistic approach to life……!

It seems that those who take on the minimisation approch to life say , “I have more time to do what I want, I’m not weighed down by stuff, I’m happier with out stuff” . True stuff doesn’t make us happier or better person. 

I think there is a middle road. I do believe we need to consume less as a society, be more mindful of what we bring into our homes and lives and enjoy a slower simpler life. 

But does that mean getting rid of 60% of our belongings and becoming a minimalist. I don’t think so.Especally if that doesn’t fit into your life goals. I want to grow vegys,  preserve food by making jams and condiments, sew my own clothes and make my own decor. I also want to achieve this by recycling etc.

This life style choice comes with some side effects…! I collect fabric, linens, bottles etc from family, friends and charity shops instead of just buying new. I need a certain level of ” stuff” in the home to achieve these goals as I  can’t just buy them when I want them. 

To keep the clutter down I have a principle I try to live  by……One item enters the home, one – two leave the home!

I also love the to be surround by warmth, beauty and creativity. I think warmth can be lacking in the minimalist approach.



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