CHARITY…  and good will to men; liberality to the poor…; a charitable cause  or institution,(The Australian Contemporary Dictionary)

Charity/Opportunity shops-  Shops run mainly by voluntary support, the goods being donated by the community for the community.

Their origins came about after WW2 and the need to help those who were struggling within the community. In recent years we have seen a gentrification of these charity shops. With the increased interest in vintage and the rise in second hand vintage shops, the old church hall or small overflowing shop no longer cuts it.

More people are shopping in these shops. It no longer has the stigma of being only for the poor. For many,( my self included) it  was done in” secret. “Not possible once I moved into a country town! Its only in the last few years that I’ve told my mother in-law!

I don’t have proof or stats but I believe that there are many like myself who in the last 20-30yrs who have shopped in these place not because we have always needed too but because its been a choice. A choice to have clothes a bit different than the latest trend, choice to live more frugally. For me there is a third reason. Buying second hand goods uses fewer resources than the cost to produce the new good. This is better for our environment and reduces the amount of stuff ending up in land fill. It’s also an alternative to buying cheap cloths that are produced with questionable  practices.  



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