“Playing Dress-Up!”

Every year in our town we have a ” Waste to Art competition”. It’s been running for about 9 yrs. I’ve entered every year in at least 1- 3 sections. I was the overall winner in our region the first year with my hand bags of the movie stars. ( one bag I made was a “Modona- like a virgin ” hand bag out of a white corset. The bag came with boobs and nipples! )
This year I was asked to be a guest speaker for a women’s group in our town. I was asked to talk about recycling etc. Being so close to Easter they were having an Easter Hat Parade and asked if I’d join in and make a hat to wear.
I decided to get into the whole swing of it. So I choose a 50’s vintage theme. I made the skirt from a mans shirt, made the bias binding for the hat from the sleeve of the shirt, and the fascinator was re- covered with some old hessian. I wore red lady jane shoes , had a 50’s straw bag and carried all my “show n tell” in a vintage red travel bag. It was a fun day .I think I’ll have to play dress ups more!






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