Making a Butchers Apron…

To most of us the butchers apron brings up images of the traditional blue & white striped apron worn by butchers. Googling it on the internet I found it also had another meaning. In the past Great Britain colonised over 50 countries. This was usually done by force and blood shed, especially if these countries tried to fight back. So in these times the Union Jack became known as the “butchers apron”. To these colonised countries the flag represented repression etc.

Back to a lighter note I found this lovely stripped linen. I started to make a skirt out of it, then decided I didn’t like it as a skirt. So I cut the back off and used the back to make the front bib of the apron! To give it a bit of “bling” I used a thin leather belt as the neck strap.


This is now my “official” pottery apron. I have plenty of pretty one for the kitchen. Some are vintage ones I’ve collected, some are ones I’ve reinvented from dresses.


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