Vintage patterns and ” when two skirts isn’t enough!”

I have continued to sew skirts this last month. One I started and realised I didn’t like it, at this moment is being turned into an apron.
This fabric was found in a charity shop and sat I my cupboard for a while, until I was sure what to do with it. It has made up beautifully into this wrap around skirt. It’s a 70’s pattern with a full circle skirt. As I shortened the length I also took some width off the bottom of the skirt.



Above is a dress I picked up. I am going to make my self a black skirt and use the boarder as a boarder on the skit. The dress will them be re-hemmed for a knee length dress. br />
This silk skirt was picked up for $1. It was longer with 2 layers of skilk. I cut the longer layer off, re-lined the skirt & put the band back on. I like it much better and have enough fabric left over to make a camisole top. A good bargain!
This pattern below reminds me of my mother making an orange with grey poko-dot bikini in the 70’s for a boat cruise. Since I would like to do a boat cruise, I plan to make this pattern along with a rashie shirt to match. I have purchased the fabric from a sale. It is very 50’s inspired – black background with tropical fruit print.

Think it will look great.



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