Bargains found this week……

I was thinking of trying not to walk into a charity shop for a whole year. I’m not sure if I can do it. I’m much more strict with what I buy these days. I don’t want my home to become full of useless clutter. I rarely buy china now as I have enough. I’m always looking for an unusual bag for my handbag collection or retro fabric to sew with. This week I d find some great bargains & things I’ve wanted, like the small paper making kit, an the vintage Oroton sunglasses case.

The coffee tables were also a good find. I’d like to paint them cream, husband lIkes them untouched. So I’ll leave them for awhile & see what happens.

Started soaking some paper to give hand-made paper ago tomorrow. I tore up old envelopes I’ve been collecting. There soaking overnight in water.


Kewpie doll photos for yesterday & today

Above is an ” Urban Origional” leather handbag found today. Actually I saw it a few weeks ago but left it there.Its been 3weeks since I walked into that particular charity shop& it was still there. It was meant to be!
Old Christmas Decorations, still in the box.i just love them!




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