If you haven’t noticed , I love colour & surrounding my self with it. I admire neutral, white & beige tones. I just find it too boring to have a whole house full of the neutral tones.
I get inspiration from Indian saris , hand painted Moroccan tiles, Spanish & chinese poetry etc.
I spent my formative years in a tropical part of the world, with the ocean, beautiful sunsets
& bright hibiscus flowers around me.
This probably helps explain my love of colour, which is getting stronger as I get older.
So this summer I am inspired to brighten up the bed linen. I have recycled summer dresses, Indonesian saris & other retro vintage fabric. I have made all the pillow slips. I’m now working on a light summer throw/quilt yo match these covers.
A slice of the tropics …. In a country town!

I have wanted to freshen the bedroom up for awhile. Taking inspiration from the funky retro fabric I have decided to paint the bedroom walls a soft mauve. I then want to look for a 80’s cane bed head & paint it aqua. ( Did once own one in the 80’s!)


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