CHARITY SHOPS, ALSO KNOWN AS THRIFT OR OPPORTUNITY SHOPS. Opportunity shops because there is often a bargain to be found!

They are run by charitable organisations such as the Red cross or a local church.The goods are usually donated by members of the public & the shops staffed by volunteers. For this reason things are not expensive & bargains are to be found.
People shop in these shops for a variety of reasons. For me I love the hunt for bargain. I like finding unusually things for my home. It also provides a place that I can find things to recycle & re-propose. I also know that my money goes to help someone else in need.

1950′ aluminium cups & an Indonesian sari found recently. The cups are funky & great to use in summer. I re-propose these types of saris as table cloths, cushions and throws.


These two cake stands were found this week. The” silver” one is not silver, the plates are aluminium.The china plates on the other one are all cracked. I felt the tier finds were the valuable bits. I plan to drill holes in old china plates & give the stands a new lease of life. ( pictures to come in the near future!)


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