PATCH WORK – ” needle work in which small pieces of cloth in different designs, colour & textures are sewn together”, Wikipedia

European cushions made from an old summer dress and blue fabric found in opp shop.

This started a an old patch work curtain. I had to wash it 4 times to get all the dirt out! I then backed it with another curtain. I use this as a throw for the dogs to lie on when on the bed.

Of two minds wether to make this spotted fabric into a throw for summer, to “match” the other bed linen.

I’ve had this quilt for a few years. It was already patch worked in style. We just upgraded to a king size quilt. To save money & recycle I cut the back off the quilt & used this to extend the quilt. I then backed the quilt with a vintage floral bed sheet. I’m happy with the result.

The dress before it was cut up.

AND THERE’S MORE!……… More patch work cushions. These are made from old pashmina’s, scarfs, dollies & scrapes of fabric. My summer collection of cushions for the lounge.


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