Sewing Maddly!

I love my old vintage Singer Sewing Machines. I have 4 in my collection. One in use, one I worked to “death” and is waiting for a service, one needing repair and an old treadle one needing restoring. These old ones only do straight stitch but they sew beautiful. They also cope well with thicker fabric, including leather. The motors are so, so strong. They really good work horses.
I had a very expensive German machine I had for over 20 yrs. I enjoyed sewing with it but never used its full potential,( all those computerise fancy stitches!) It eventually died from over use with heavy fabric. So now I have vintage Singers, a second hand Brother for button holes and zig zag and a new over-locker. This combination works really well for me.



The old Singers have black “rubbers” that go around the wheels on the side. I haven’t been able to find original singer ones to replace rotten ones with. I’ve found a close match in a mechanic shop that works fine.


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