“BITS & BOBS”…..Bit….. “a small peice of anything”, Oxford dictionary.

imahref=”https://thearttin.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/2005_0101vintagetrimsnighty0004.jpg”> Homemade nighty, using vintage trimings & recycling labels on back pj”s[/caption]This week i have been working on a few things. I have almost finished a nighty for my Mother in-law.I am very happy with it, except I think it maybe too small. I had so much fabric that I got pj pants & shorts as well. The fabric cost 415 for 1.5 metres – it was double the widith of a normal bolt of fabric. Although the fabric was new I used vintage peices of timing/lace to decorate with. This really suites the fabric and style of nighty. I also recycle labels. Especially on pj pants & shorts, so I know which is the front or back.(I wouldn’t do this if I was selling them!)

A mobile in my hall – paper ornaments hanging off a painted,beaded branch

Mobiles – what are they? The Oxford dictionary, ( yes i love my dictionary!) says ” mobile – free to move….changing.” That is what I love about them. I love them in all forms – beads, paper, fabric etc. There is also so much inspiration from other artists out there on the internet. I have made 2 more mobiles in the last few weeks, one of birds and one with elephants. I haven’t yet been able to get a good photo of them.

Heart Mobile – made a few yrs ago for an art exhibition. Used white light weight cardboard off cuts from a printer.

[caption id=”attachment_256″ align=”aligncenter” mobiles have all been done by hand, no stamp cut-outs for me!


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