CHRISTMAS – ” Festivle of Christ’s birth, 25th Dec, devoted esp. to family reunion & merrymaking….~tree, evergreen set up in room or in the open & hung with candles, presents, etc” (Oxford Dictionary

Another wreath, paper decorations & reindeers – theme

Wreath for front door at Christmas – made from ornamental vine in backyard & recycled old decorations from collection!

Charity shop find – plan to paint them cream

It’s less than seven weeks till Christmas. I don’t put up my decorations until mid-late December.I think the tradition varies from country to country, I’ll have to do some research into that!
I have started to think about decorations, colour and plan my theme. I try to make some of my own decorations each year as well as use older, favourite pieces.
This years theme(s) are around, nature, birds, reindeer’s, and handmade paper decorations from recycling, books, card and music sheets. The colours seem to be coming together as earthy neutrals-creams, red, white, gold and some black.


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