Cabinet of Curisosities – .

Secret Spaces


Over the years i have collected trinkets with origins from all around the world, mainly Asian/Chinese in theme. Most of them have come from secondhand shops. I was going through the cabinet today cleaning and rearranging things. Originally it started out as a small collection on a tray. But as all collections, got too big for a tray and now fills up most of a 1940’s glass china cabinet! So named “The Cabinet of Curiosities”. Secondhand they may be, but they still have a story to tell , that’s personal to me. Although i was tired and wondered why i had even started this task, it was a morning filled with memories of happy times with family and friends. Trinkets in the end are just that trinkets – but it’s the memories that they trigger that is special and adds to the richness of our life. Like the wooden carved shoes.One was purchased in an antique shop when on a beach holiday, the other small ornate one was found in a chairty shop in N.Y City. I only found the secret opening of the small carved shoe once home and through customs!


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