Re- usable bags to use when shopping for fruit and vegetables…..

Made these bags out of heavy weight tule netting and cord. These replace using plastic bags in the fruit and vegetable section of grocery store. You can buy them but I thought I'd make some.It was very quick and easy to run them up on overlocker .


Creating Dreamy pj for summer from mistakes…..

I picked up,this silk blouse for$3 in charity shop. I fell n love with the feel of the fabric. Wearing the blouse as it was just made me feel middle age and frumpy , which I am ! I couldn’t bear to put such lovely silk back into charity shop. So I cut off the sleeves and collar to give it a cool summer feel. 

I’ve noticed that wearing pj tops instead t.shirt is fashionable at the moment. I had made a pair linen pants that were bit too small. So I cut them into shorts. This gave me extra fabric to add to the sides that widened the shorts and added a nice feature. 

This is now my new pj set for summer