Paper bags….. are small, medium or large bags made from strong paper or light cardboard. They are used as gift bags, or to put articles in when purchased while shopping .

recycling paper bags ……


Indian block stamps….. are used in decorating plain fabric. It is achieved by printing patterns onto fabric using wooden blocks that have patterns carved into them.

It is a slow process as it’s all done by hand. India is one of the few countries who still manufacture and export block worked textiles today.

In recent years there has been a resurgence of people desiring individual hand made textiles for themselves and their homes.

Recycling for Christmas….

Decorations don’t have to be expensive. I look in charity shops for how I can recycle things into Christmas decorations.jFor a very different Christmas tree garland,(change from tinsel) I collected Vintage glass cut necklaces and stung them don’t give them credit.

Knickers…………..women and girls under garments that pull up, covering the bottom and lower part of body from the waist or hips down. Also known as undies, underpants, French knickers, bikini briefs

For those who know me , I’ve been making my own knickers for quite few years now. I really love this pattern. The girl who designed these has quite a few other good underwear patterns. I usually make them out of small pieces of cotton fabric found in charity shops.

These ones in the photo were a lavish treat…liberty of London purchased in Japan and made for the Japanese market.

half a metre 90-115 cm wide will get you 2 pairs of knickers.